Leading Capital

Together with entrepreneurs We transform the world.

Leading Capital focuses on start-ups that are in the early stages of their development. It is committed to providing the most valuable bilateral business acceleration service between China and North America.

Why Us?

  • We help start-ups quickly identify their Product and Market Fit
  • We provide business guidance to start-ups
  • We help greatly mitigate risks and reduce the costs of business expansion
  • We empower start-ups with our strong international business networks

We truly believe that the role of technological innovation will continue to evolve and expand in our modern world. Massive business opportunities based on technological innovation will emerge in the near future.

We would like to work alongside as many entrepreneurs as possible to transform the world together.


Leading Acceleration Program

This program assists start-ups to accelerate their growth and to become more efficient and comprehensive companies.

Combining our experience in both China and North America, we provide start-ups with well-rounded business resources and acceleration services that are tailored to the needs of the start-up and its current stage in development. Entrepreneurs will receive supports, advice, one-on-one guidance and business theme training from our industrial experts, business mentors and financial advisors. By providing the necessary supports and resources to start-ups at each critical moment, we enable entrepreneurs to achieve a rapid expansion.

Acceleration Business Service

Given our experience in China and North America, we have witnessed the various challenges encountered by start-ups in their processes of scaling up, which are caused by internal and external factors. Bootcamp is not enough. Rather, successful start-ups require one-on-one guidance from seasoned mentors in order to resolve the many problems that may arise. Our primary mission is to provide entrepreneurs with invaluable assistance through our highly customized acceleration services.

We have developed five core sectors through which to serve and advise businesses, including market intelligence, corporate financing, strategic guidance, business networks and basic facility, in order to cater to the different needs of start-ups in their different life cycles.

Our Team

Our team of mentors includes expert professionals from multiple different industries and fields. Based on our extensive experience accumulated in the relevant industries, we provide entrepreneurs with precise and constructive advice to help them expand rapidly.

Furthermore, we invite top international industry experts to China on a regular basis for an exclusive knowledge sharing with the entrepreneurs. Video and audio recordings are not permitted during these exclusive sessions. These special guest speakers are able to share business insights based on practical cases, answer various questions from entrepreneurs, and help broaden their horizons in order to guide them for future strategic planning.

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