Pilot acceleration program - changing the world with entrepreneurs


Leading Capital will select a small number of start-ups across China each year to join the Leading Acceleration Program. We focus on helping the most promising start-ups to boost their business and quickly complete the phase of product-market fit so that they may enter the stage of rapid development.

The duration of the Leading Acceleration Program is 18-24 months. The purpose of the Program is to help start-ups that have major potential and have achieved initial market validation in China to speed up their development and consolidate their advantages in the domestic market. Based on what they have achieved, the Program also connects these first-class start-ups with key resources in North America to assist them in their future overseas expansion with regards to R&D, sales and marketing, operations management, corporate financing and other fields. Creating these connections will help to establish synergy across the border. We will work closely with the start-up team to surpass this core phase of company development.

Each of our funded start-up companies are required to participate in the Leading Acceleration Program and training sessions in order to fully integrate into our well-built ecosystem. Founders’ full engagement in the Program is crucial for us to provide effective help. We will cooperate closely and efficiently with the founding team to polish the start-up company to ultimately achieve the best possible results. Once the founding team is fully prepared, we will empower start-ups with our resources and networks. We aim to help start-ups to realize bilateral acceleration in the markets of China and North America respectively through the Leading Acceleration Program.

What does Leading Acceleration Program mean to Start-Ups?

Entrepreneurs will have access to the following resources:

Market Intelligence

Our international team of experts will work alongside the founding team to conduct industry analysis, market/competition analysis, pricing strategy, industry regulation and other related key research. Leading Capital has access to strong market intelligence resources in China and North America, and this can help start-ups to more accurately identify their market value proposition.

Corporate Financing

We will act as the financial advisor of the founding team to provide supports in equity financing, debt financing, government grant applications, international financing, and other finance related activities. We will also help start-ups to deal with investors and acquirers in China and North America, and as such we provide more than advice, but rather, a guarantee. Based on what we have already established and achieved in China and Canada and on our reputation and influence within the industry, potential investors will treat our start-ups with greater respect and equality.

Strategic Guidance

Start-ups can have one-on-one conversations with Partners of Leading Capital during office hours to discuss specific ideas, challenges, corresponding solutions, and other business concerns. Meanwhile, our industry experts in various fields will also provide start-ups with advice on related topics.

It is worth noting that Red Leaf Capital, a well-known VC in Canada as well as one of the members of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA is the most authoritative venture capital association in Canada), will be involved in customizing Strategic Expansion Plans for the start-ups on an individual basis.

Business Network

We will utilize our well-connected resources to help each start-up that joins our Leading Acceleration Program to grow, and to develop partnerships with key stakeholders including government institutions, commercial/business institutions, and upstream and downstream industry partners.

Essential Facility

Additionally, we will provide our start-up teams with free office space for 6 months in Canada, including furniture, internet, meeting rooms, printers and more. Further it is worth mentioning that Leading Capital will help start-up employees to obtain their Canadian Permanent Resident Card, also known as the Green Card, through close cooperation with Canadian Government, capital funds and business accelerators.

What We Value?

   Technological Innovation

We look for start-up businesses that feature and promote technological innovation, with their core competitiveness or business model involving technological evolution. We also value the potential for global scalability and competitive advantages of the start-up business.

   Early-stage Market Validation

We value start-ups that have initially penetrated the market with a small customer base and have started generating revenue. It is not a requirement for the start-up business to already be profitable, however, having paying customers is a very solid start.

   High Growth

We also value start-up businesses that have experienced high growth in the past three years and maintain their growing trend. The business should have strong potential for expansion and we would like to help it excel through the Leading Acceleration Program.


We are well aware of the hardships of entrepreneurship and we would be very proud to walk through the process together with entrepreneurs. “Alongside entrepreneurs, we transform the world” is our mission.

We will take 5-7% of the company share in exchange for our comprehensive acceleration service. Our primary purpose is to build and establish a long-term relationship with the start-ups.

More importantly, we do not charge any fee from start-ups for our acceleration services.

Our Principles

Leading Capital is committed to becoming the ideal lifelong partner of entrepreneurs. We are fully aware of the hardships along the road to successful entrepreneurship. We, ourselves, are on this shared path to entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to establishing an entrepreneur-centric ecosystem so as to allow start-ups to focus exclusively on developing their product and market.

We will not interfere with the operations, the structure of the management team or board of directors, let alone control the start-up business. Our primary task is to provide timely suggestions and resources. It is the decision of the founding team whether to take or implement our suggestions. We believe that no one knows the project better than its founding team. We respect and support each decision made by start-ups after careful consideration. In fact, these decisions have been proved right in most cases.

Our goal is to be the preferred choice of start-ups that are in the stage of acceleration and international expansion. We have stringent requirements over each step and we will do our best to realize our vision.