About Leading Capital

Our mission is to transform the world alongside entrepreneurs.

Leading Capital is committed to providing the most valuable bilateral business acceleration service in North America and China for early and middle stage start-ups.

The team of Leading Capital is composed of senior industry experts from China and overseas. Our mentorship team includes executives who have founded national level business incubators and accelerators in North America, government and corporate executives and PE fund partners.

We truly believe that technological innovation will continue to change the world. Massive business opportunities based on technological innovation will emerge in the near future. We would like to work with more and more entrepreneurs to transform the world together.

Our Primary Targets

We primarily help start-ups to complete the following three goals:

  • We help the founding team to modify and reproduce products and clarify the product-market fit quickly in China and North America.
  • We provide long-term strategic guidance and empower the founding team with proper business networks and resources.
  • We provide long-term strategic guidance and empower the founding team with proper business networks and resources.

Leading Acceleration Program

Assist start-ups to accelerate in the most efficient and comprehensive manner.

Combining our experience in both China and North America, we provide start-ups with well-rounded business resources and acceleration services that are tailored to the needs of the start-up and its current stage in development.Entrepreneurs will receive supports, advice, one-on-one guidance and business theme training from our industrial experts, business mentors and financial advisors. By providing the necessary supports and resources to start-ups at each critical moment, we enable entrepreneurs to achieve a rapid expansion. (hyperlink)

Our Principle

Leading Capital is committed to becoming the ideal lifelong partner of entrepreneurs. We are fully aware of the hardships along the road to successful entrepreneurship. We, ourselves, are on this shared path to entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to establishing an entrepreneur-centric ecosystem so as to allow start-ups to focus exclusively on developing their product and market.

We will not interfere with the operations, the structure of the management team or board of directors, let alone control the start-up business. Our primary task is to provide timely suggestions and resources. It is the decision of the founding team whether to take or implement our suggestions. We believe that no one knows the project better than its founding team. We respect and support each decision made by start-ups after careful consideration. In fact, these decisions have been proved right in most cases.

Our goal is to be the preferred choice of start-ups that are in the stage of acceleration and international expansion. We have stringent requirements over each step and we will do our best to realize our vision.