What does Leading Capital offer?

This is what we offer.

How can I acquire the funds and business support from Leading Capital?

We encourage you to apply to the acceleration boot camp. We provide start-ups with opportunities for business acceleration and financing in batches on a yearly basis.

How much will Leading Capital invest?

Leading Acceleration Fund selectively invests $200,000 Canadian dollars (or equivalent CNY) in the start-ups enrolled in our Acceleration program. The Leading Growth Fund provides more options for investment based on the status and requirements of the start-up business. For detailed information, please refer to Leading Capital.

Do I need to prepare business plan for the application?

No. We make the decision based on the completed application form and interview. It is better to have a demo. In the early stage of acceleration, we do not require a business plan.

Why don’t you require a business plan?

Again, we do not need a business plan. Instead, we focus on the information provided by start-ups on the application form. In doing so we save time. All the questions listed on the application form are the critical, core questions and considerations for the early stage. Start-ups do not need to spend time guessing what is crucial to their assessment, or to repeatedly modify the pitch deck. The application form helps to quickly capture the key information and efficiently review each case.

Do you sign confidentiality agreements? How can you assure that our business information will be kept confidential?

No, we do not sign confidentiality agreements. In fact, there are no VC institutions that sign these agreements in the early stages. In fact, our application form already includes more informal commitments to confidentiality than any others.

Can I submit two applications as I have two different start-up businesses?

We do not encourage you to do so. You should choose the business to which you have the most commitment and willingness.

How can we improve the likelihood of being accepted into the program?

Please make a concise presentation that contains the features and highlights of your start-up business. In addition, we encourage you to submit the application as early as possible as this leaves us sufficient time to review your case.

What is your admission requirement?

Please kindly refer toLeading Acceleration Program

When shall we expect your response to the application?

Each application will go through a standard screening process that contains three rounds. First, the application will be independently assessed by internal members of Leading Capital and our community members. Afterwards, the application will be evaluated by 3-4 founding members of Leading Capital. Lastly, you will have a final round interview before you are officially admitted.

Do you choose multiple start-up businesses that focus on the same industry sector?

Yes, we do. We try to avoid taking in start-up companies that would be in potential competition with one another. However, we cannot fully eliminate this possibility as start-ups change rapidly. When this happens, we assure that we will never disclose the information from one to others. In fact, the market is large enough to accommodate and bear a wide selection of products/services/solutions. It is unlikely that two companies will provide the exact same products and services to customers.

If we are accepted into the program, can the non-founding partners participate in the program as well?

No, only founding team members who hold at least 10% of the ownership of the company can take part in the program.